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Say goodbye to Back Pain!

Give us a call today on (09) 5351999

Matthew Cousins is a registered Osteopath located in Howick, East Auckland, who specialises in resolving back pain, neck pain and other issues. No GP referral required and ACC registered so we can complete an ACC claim for you if required. We will find out the root of the problem, discussing your history and give you a personalised treatment plan including effective pain relief, management and understanding of your symptoms.

Our telephone is answered by a team of professionals 24/7 ensuring you don't miss out on an appointment. 

These are the types of issues we deal with daily:
  •     Headaches
  •     Back and neck pain
  •     Upper back and rib pain
  •     Lower back injuries - new and existing ones, sciatica
  •     Shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries
  •     Arm pain, elbow and wrist and hand problems
  •     Hips, knees, ankles and all the muscles that do, or should, move them all around
  •     Arthritic pain - safely and gently easing pain
  •     Sports injuries and other imbalances affecting performance
69 Ridge Rd, Howick
Where to find us
"Matthew is very professional, very experienced and very effective.. His treatments have really good results, especially in dealing
 with my jammed up neck and twisted lower back. He is genuinely interested in fixing the problem without over treating."
 Franceska B.
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