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Holistic approach to back and neck pain

How we can help you using advanced Osteopathic treatments

Proven Osteopathic treatment

At our osteopathic clinic in Howick, East Auckland, I have a variety of treatments to help you quickly and effectively. I have been practising as an Osteopath for 20 years, and have been constantly learning and upgrading my skills in order to ensure best practice standards are delivered to my valued patients.

I start by treating osteopathically, then will bring in other solutions as necessary to get results. Everyone is different, however my aim is to always ensure good results quickly. If something isn’t working I will bring in other ideas and plans. I have learned many ways to deal with your problems, using osteopathic techniques on muscles, bones and joints. Part of the treatment plan includes provide massage with or without oil, to relax and loosen those tense muscles. Gentle manipulations and stretching can get everything moving well again. 

Other techniques

As an active osteopathic practitioner I have studied many other approaches and techniques, some from the physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment models. These are integrated into my treatment sessions so seamlessly that most people aren’t even aware I am doing it. It’s a matter of experience, learning what works and what doesn’t and learning about your body’s unique needs and adapting treatment as we go. Like “seeing” with my hands, I will feel the way your body reacts and changes with treatment and go with it, steering rather than forcing change. Your body is a remarkable healer and I will work with that, rather than against it. That is the true art and beauty of osteopathic treatment.

Bowen therapy

This is a completely separate therapy, which I use when problems are being stubborn or for specific problems. Bowen therapy can be particularly helpful in those cases. A gentle sequence of muscle manipulations activates nerve endings painlessly and reprograms your nervous system to recognise imbalances and tightness that is preventing recovery.

It’s like rebooting a computer, or enabling your body to get out of its own way. Bowen therapy is a powerful but minimalist approach to osteopathic treatment and can be very effective. If I think it will help you, I will discuss it with you as part of your treatment plan offered at my clinic.

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