What my patients have to say

My greatest satisfaction is from helping people as best I can. Most patients find their way to our clinic via word of mouth and the greatest compliment patients pay me is to tell others about the clinic.

I am constantly humbled and amazed by the body's ability to heal when given the right kind of help. It is always lovely to hear nice comments from my patients. I pride myself in getting results and improving people's health. Here are some testimonials from some of my patients.  

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I now feel A1

I was referred to Matthew Cousins Osteopath by my Doctor after having a very painful shoulder and neck. Matthew diagnosed trapped nerves in my neck and tendon damage to my shoulder. I had x-rays taken which confirmed the diagnosis. I received a course of treatment with Matthew, fifteen visits in all. I now feel A1.Thank you Matthew.

Patrick Hindle

I am pain free

Recently I have completed six treatments of Bowen therapy for chronic lower back and hip pain that I have had for more than 15 years. This has not been helped by conventional medical treatment with physiotherapy and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. A friend recommended seeking treatment with Bowen therapy. I am amazed that after such a short time (over a period of six weeks) I am pain free, can sleep well at night without being disturbed by pain and do not seem to be limited in any way by pain as I was previously.I would very happily recommend this therapy to anyone seeking relief for similar problems.

Margaret Wyatt

Big Thank You

Dear Matthew,This letter kindly serves to express my “BIG THANK YOU” to you for putting an end to all my back problems and pains . I have been suffering with severe pains in the lower back region after a fall. The X-ray did not show any fracture of my bones. The Medical Doctors duly informed me that I will suffer from pains due to my being over 74 years in age and that the remedy could only be through the constant use of pain relief medications. They also confirmed that surgery would not a solution and referred me to a course of Physiotherapy. The Physiotherapist could not resolve my pains and was further referred to the TBI health. Unfortunately they too were unable to help and resolve my pains. I on my own decided to use other treatment using various Topical - Gel to combat my back pains.I was very fortunate to meet with Mr. Eric Patterson whom I came to known during my earlier Consular days of almost 25 years ago. Eric readily furnished your contact details and I came to you as a wreck! On your first viewing of my x-rays you certainly gave me confidence that you had seen many worse cases and had put all of them right. Matthew, your assuring words gave me the utmost confidence and your treatment of 5 sessions has now ended in giving me relief of the pain. You have also been most kind and at all times told me to telephone you if I was in pain. I will certainly continue the leg exercises that you have kindly requested me to continue and will without any hesitation recommend you to any of my family members and friends who have back problems.
Thanking You Once Again,Blessings

Muhammad Iqbal, Honorary Commissioner


 Such a Relief

After having pain in my neck for a couple of weeks, I went to Matthew Cousins, after a consultation I came home feeling so much better, no pain in my neck, it was such a relief after being so uncomfortable, it also helped get my golf back on track.

Judie Reynolds

Professional Treatment

I had been having annoying lower back pain for five months before consulting with Matthew. During my initial assessment Matthew took note of an underlying condition that could have easily been overlooked and worked on that issue. The end result is that most days I am almost pain free. I directly contribute my recovery to Matthew’s professional treatment.

Malcolm Abel (Registered nurse)
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